Geoff Meyer


Abstract CityScapes

About Geoff

NYC 3 36 x 80

Geoff Meyer incorporates a structured movement into his paintings to give them a more dynamic appeal. Much of his artwork comes directly from his experiences.

Meyer extrapolates raw energy of the urban living and thrusts it into modern painting as only a fresh mind can. It’s as if you are half drunk in a New York cab as it careens down avenues of light and dark, disappearing into ally ways, darting back into traffic, inches from a collision or infraction of the law. Black and white creates mystery and drama like film noir or yesterday but the intrigue of last night.

His camera is his weapon, capturing images during late night chases and races. Through the camera lens he finds compelling angles that are pushed and worked into his abstract vision.

Later in the studio, he holds hostage those images with a palette knife, brush and tape, creating a memory of excitement and freedom, while piecing together photo’s of visited memories. Meyer attempts to capture movement and depth while keeping a strong perspective and perceived vanishing point.

Multiple layers of paint seem to reveal the same for the layers of urban life. The grit os the sidewalk, the light down the street, seen and then forgotten only somehow repeat themselves again as we look beyond the streets.

With this journey, he pushes and defines his unique style. Meyer continues to paint at his home studio in Marin County.


One Response

  1. Carolyn Meyer says:

    This really fresh yet with a nod to black and white scenes of SF and NY. Cool.

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